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Playing Blackjack On Your iPhone

As iPhone users have found, not everything is as easy to do as Apple would like you to think. Sometimes the software is a bit wonky, and sometimes it just isn’t available for your Apple product. The same holds true for mobile play with an Apple device as not all internet casinos offer software that is compatible with Apple. However, right now you can go to the App Store and download a number of casino-style Apps, or individual games. Originally only play money games were available, now real money games are also found at iTunes.

When real money casinos started running software for iPhones they had to be run through Java, which created some difficulties. New software and App developers (such as Microgaming working with Spin Palace and Spin3) have targeted many new products specifically for iPhones and the results are very good.

Depending on your current location, setting up your account at a casino such as William Hill, Betfred, All Slots or Betfair may be easier via your PC, but the games are designed for your phone and you can sign-up that way too. You can get a list of games available for the iPhone at each casino, but the games won’t be available for play until you actually sign up. Occasionally the software will perform best (the display) in landscape mode.

Players in countries where online gaming is legal can easily sign-up using their phone. Players in locations such as the US will get a popup that says the US iTunes store does not have the App you requested.

Example of Ease of Download

As an example, suppose you decide to play at 32Red casino where you’ll be eligible for not only the same welcome bonuses that PC players get, but also a special Mobile bonus of £10. You can go to the iTunes store and download their App (there is no charge), or you can go to their website and click on Mobil – and then iPhone. The newest App requires iOS 4.3 or newer and will take up 4.0MB of space.

The download will take a minute or two, but soon you’ll have a beautiful full-screen view in HD quality on that nice touchscreen. Currently there are 50 games available including baccarat, roulette, slots, and of course blackjack. You can browse the game selection, but there are no free play games, just real cash games available.

You’ll need to click on the game you want before it will load and play. If you have gone directly to the 32Red Casino website you’ll be prompted to choose your mobile device, choose your game, and you’ll have to input your own mobile number.

If you already have an account, you’ll be prompted to fund your table game with stakes from your casino account.  32Red is powered by Microgaming and the blackjack offered is played using one 52-card deck and shuffled randomly using a random number generator.

What that means is you always have the first hand off the top of the deck – in other words, the deck is always fresh with all 52-cards available for play each hand.

Other Technical Issues

For those of you who got to the account but couldn’t download immediately, you may be seeing a popup that says you need WAP and GPRS to download and play games on your iPhone. Don’t worry, it’s easy to take care of for T-Mobile, Vodafone and Virgin.  Just go to their site and find the link to add to your phone. Service and play in the UK is very quick and easy to setup. Other locations may be more difficult.

There is no charge from 32Red Mobile to play games or download, but your mobile service is going to charge their standard rate for SMS and WAP/GPRS data transmission. You may also be blocked because your phone is listed to a minor (below the age of 18).

Although you can always see your casino balance while playing, you can’t add or change your credit card details. To do so, go to a standard internet connection or call customer service. If you are ever playing and the game hangs up (such as the roulette wheel continuing to spin…) you have lost signal. If you do lose connection, the software will store the information and start up where it left off as soon as a new connection is made.

If you change phones but keep your SIM card, you are fine. If you change SIM cards you’ll need to register another 32Red account. Other than the issues listed, you casino play will be much like that of players on Tablet or PC devices.

Keep in mind that playing while doing any other activity is likely to diminish your ability to perform those functions, so please don’t play while driving or other dangerous work, and don’t expect to make good play decisions if you are multitasking. It’s always better to wait and enjoy your game when you have the time and attention to do so.

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