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Believe it or not, you can play blackjack against a real dealer in a live game via the internet. You have probably tried the standard video blackjack games online at some point, whether for real money or in free-play mode, and wondered how they set the odds.

In standard video blackjack at an online site like Bovada or Jackpot City you will find excellent player options and a very small house edge. And, you can play multi-deck games, double-deck games, or single-deck games, and the odds are set based on player options and the number of decks.

The single-deck game at Bovada is terrific, where the dealer hits soft 17, double-down on any two cards and double after a split. You will find that you can only split pairs once (no re-split of aces) except on the multi-deck games, but the games move very quickly and are run with a random number generator, not any real playing cards.

In addition, the deck or decks are usually “shuffled” after each hand. No, there aren’t really any cards, but the composition of the deck goes back to complete after each round, so you are always playing to a full deck.

Live Blackjack Games

The big differences with the live games is that you are actually interacting with real people and with real cards. The games are run by a pit boss and real dealers who handle the cards well, smile, and not-too-surprisingly, are often pretty females. At many online casinos you can interact with the dealers or the pit boss via a chat function.

In most cases you will have to access the live gaming with a click on a specific section of the casino’s website, not just by clicking on blackjack. And, you may have to specify a certain amount of your playing funds for use on the live games. You probably will not be able to meet any bonus requirements with live play, but you will find that the games have very reasonable limits, as low as €5 per hand.

Large casinos like Dafabet offer many different games like craps, roulette, Sic Bo and Dragon Tiger, as well as multiple-deck blackjack games. You won’t find any live, single-deck games online, but you may find a double-deck game with slightly limited player options, including a restriction on double down hands to just two-card totals of 10 and 11.

Most live blackjack games are dealt from a standard shoe of eight decks. Counting cards is possible, but your results aren’t likely to be significant since the cut-card is placed close to just halfway through the eight decks, meaning you’ll get four decks before the shuffle.

However, any added knowledge is good at blackjack, so enjoy the game as best you can. You’ll be able to see the house rules before you play, as well as the table minimum and maximum. Be aware that the pit boss is there to help if there is a problem, don’t make his problem you. Be courteous and don’t talk smack over the texting feature. You can be barred from play with the flip of a switch.

The Video Feed

The video feed will vary depending on your internet carrier, and you may be able to play in Flash or Instant Play mode, even on a Tablet or your iPhone or Android. Don’t play while distracted, or should we say, don’t let your main interest (such as driving) be compromised by playing online.

What you actually see online may be a bit different than what you were expecting, but that doesn’t mean the games aren’t on the level. Well-known, licensed online casinos won’t be out to cheat you on the live games.

However, as a website, some things will be available and some won’t. Most sites have instructions in many languages, but chat may be limited to one or two languages. In addition, the live video may show the dealing of the cards, but your view of the cards themselves may be digitized, to make sure you know what cards both your and the dealer hold.

After the dealer sets the cards out, each player will have the standard options to hit, stand, double down or split. Make sure you hit the right button; you won’t be able to make a change after pressing.  After the hand is through, you will be able to see the previous hand totals (and your wager) in a small screen-in-a-screen. That’s a nice function found at many live dealer casinos.

You’ll also find that while your play will be fairly quick, it only compares to a land-based casino. When compared to the video variety of blackjack your hands per hour will be much lower. That’s a nice thing for most players. Live dealer blackjack is a much more relaxing game and can be a lot of fun.

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