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Live Dealer Online Blackjack

Playing Blackjack Online

Playing blackjack online for real money can be a scary proposition: are the games real, can I actually win or cash out, can the site be trusted? All good questions. All are yes and no. If you choose Internet casinos that are licensed by trusted, known gaming boards, you will most likely be safe. That said, use good sense and stay with known companies that have a history of taking care of their players. Don’t fall for outrageous bonuses offered by tiny websites you have never heard of!

There are currently fourteen gaming licensing boards that are known to do an excellent job of checking their licensees and cracking down or rescinding the licenses of any companies that don’t use ethical business practices, these include: Alderney, Australia, Austria, Belgium, Belize, Costa Rica, Curacao, Dominican Republic, Estonia, Gibralter, Isle of Man, Italy, Kahnawake, and Malta. Some, like Malta, have been issuing licenses since the early 2000’s. Below we have a list of the safest, most reliable online blackjack sites. We have have hand picked these and are confident you will not find better options online.

How To Choose An Online Blackjack Site

Once you have chosen a known online gaming site like William Hill, Ladbrokes, and Paddy Power, check the website and see where they are licensed. Then, take a minute and go to the licensing body and see if they are actually listed. Once that is done, 90% of your issues have been taken care of. The other 10% are most likely to center on you.

Your job as an Internet gamer is to read your online casino’s rules and follow them. Many of those rules have to do with how games are played, how your deposit is handled, how fast, how much you can spend in any 24-hour period, how to cash out, and how to apply for and receive (and qualify for) bonuses.

Keep these things in mind before you play a single hand of blackjack:

  • Internet casinos are designed to make money.
  • You will be spending real money.
  • You may receive a bonus for your first deposit, but many rules will be applied to it. Read every page about those bonuses so you can actually qualify for them and still be allowed to cash out.
  • Qualifying for your bonus is not likely to include play at any form of blackjack.
  • If certain forms of blackjack do apply to your bonus, it may be at a reduced rate, such as 10%.
  • You will have to play your deposit (and probably your bonus amount) 20x or more to qualify – so if you deposit $100 and receive a $100 bonus, you’ll have to play-through 20 x $200 to qualify (that’s $4000), and if the rate is just 10%, your play-through would be $4000 x 10, or $40,0000 in wagers.
  • You won’t be able to cash out your deposit and/or bonus quickly, and you’ll probably have to fax a photo ID and a utility bill showing your name and address. This is standard. Expect your first withdrawal to take more than a week. After that it may be much quicker.

Online Blackjack

Now that you understand a little about online gambling, let’s get to playing blackjack. The casino you play on may offer many styles of blackjack, from single-deck to any unknown number of decks. That makes choosing the right table tougher. If you do actually have a choice, take the one with the fewest decks, because more decks are better for the house. It is also likely the game you play will reshuffle every hand, and that’s alright. What you really want to do is check the rule variations so you can get the best player options, like double on any two cards, surrender, and re-split of aces.

Another option may be to play on a table with other players, or alone. That’s a personal preference, but you may do better on a table with other players because you will see more cards and might have a tiny edge in decision making if you see many up cards used before your own decision.

Another option offered by some websites is “live” dealers, where the hands are actually being dealt at a remote location and then offered via webcam and digitized for your own play. The bet limits are likely to be higher on the live games than the computer games. As long as the player options are the same, there is no advantage to the live game over the computer game.

Remember that the house edge at blackjack is under 2% and a competent basic strategy player can reduce those odds considerably, but playing online is quicker than live games and you will have many more chances to wager in an hour than at a traditional casino. In fact, you might get as few hands as 60 per hour on a live game, but can get over 600 playing quickly online, so you’ll be risking 10 times as much money in total bets. The more you wager overall, the more the house edge will whittle away at your bankroll.

If you are prone to playing side bets, or blackjack bonuses, you should also remember that these have a much higher edge than the standard blackjack bet, and coupled with the speed of play online can have a huge impact on the cost of your play.

It’s very important to remember that gambling should be viewed as entertainment, and you should only use entertainment money, not the cash you need to live on. Don’s use your credit cards to fund your online gambling, that’s just a short trip to disaster. And, keep your play within the bounds of good sense. If you are tired, drinking, or emotionally unstable your gaming experience is unlikely to have a happy ending.

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